Presentation for #EmTechMOOC

Hi! My name is Miguel and I am taking this #EmTechMOOC from Madrid, in Spain. English is not my mother language so I ask for your comprehension and if something I write is not 100% clear, please let me know in order to clarify or correct it (and to improve my English with your collaboration 😉

Till January I was working on open online training for teachers (but as it’s open, anyone could enroll and attend the training. You can have a look at it here. Moreover, a few courses are available in English and now my work is related to website and socialmedia in a Spanish public adminitration. Both are challenging and passionating!!

I consider myself as a lifelong learner and  I think that in 2018 we should make learning a constant part of our daily activites in order to keep the pace of changes and to adapat to ‘new’ technologies. For me, learning is a social activity because I strongly believe that if we share our learning activities, our learning outcomes would be stronger and learning is richer if we have an interesting network around us that may help if needed (as we should help them if they need it too, as we do when we share something on socialmedia or we answer a question on a forum)

As a Portfolio I will use my blog (the one you are reading now). Its name in Spanish is ‘Aprendo y lo cuento’, which means something that I learn something and I talk about. I will use a ‘#EmTechMOOC’ category  to post all the artifacts required in that MOOC.

To enrich this first post from the MOOC (the orignal and shorter version was posted on the forum with no videos at all…) I have chosen three videos: the ones I like the most.

The first one is about the habits of Lifelong learners. I totally agree with all of them:

7 & 1/ habits of Lifelong Learners – #EmTechMOOC [URL:

The second one presents the main characterists of a growth mindset

Growth Mindset – #EmTechMOOC [URL:

And the last is about ePortfolios: a tool for continuous development (providing digital evidences) based on 4 activities  that enhance each one : ‘Collect, select, connect & reflect’

ePortfolios – #EmTechMOOC [URL:

What do you think about them? Which one do you prefrer? Do you agree with them? Please do not hesitate to share your comments via Twitter, the comments of the blog or the forum in Coursera.

Miguel Barrera Lyx


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